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Our indie challenges consist of creating short films that can be connected to form a feature film. The shorts are based on a predetermined storyline. Indieverse provides the common plot, technical specifications, post-production, and distribution, leaving the entire creative process in the hands of the participants.

All participants must be Indieverse paid members and post their shorts in the group created for the challenge within the Indieverse community.

The winning shorts will form an 88 to 120 minutes feature film post-produced by Indieverse and distributed across all SVOD platforms and limited theatrical releases. 


Each short must be delivered in the highest possible quality. The minimum acceptable resolution is Full HD 1920 x 1080.

Preferably each 8-minute short should be delivered with separate audio tracks—music & Effects, and Dialog.

Each short must be thoroughly edited but preferably not color graded.

Each winner must submit actors and location releases.

All winners must submit the shooting script for their shorts in English.

Each winner will assign all rights to The Equaliverse Inc. A distribution agreement will be sent to each winner for review.

Each winner must submit a making-of video that shows his journey to creating the short film.

Each winner must submit 12 stills from the production process.

40% of all net profits from the sales and distribution will be distributed equally among the 11 winners.

Active Challenges

11 Souvenirs

2023 Challenges 

Mission to Earth – 11 crews from 11 different planets send a rescue mission to save our planet

11 eight-minute shorts 

The Tower  20 residents of luxury New York tower seen from the vivid and twisted imagination of the front desk concierge.

20 five-minute shorts 

Heroes – 20 superheroes raise in 20 different countries to fight evil with the most diverse superpowers 

20 five-minute shorts